My first Comrades was like my first marathon: a complete disaster. I didn’t appreciate just how hard it was or how to train. In many ways I was running in the dark. I would love to have had an experienced coach guiding me through all the stages of my training and helping me better informed.

Just imagine:

  • Having an experienced coach develop a personalised program built around your unique life fit.
  • Being able to access your training program and update progress right from your phone.
  • Having a coach analyse all your training results.
  • Having a coach provide strength & conditioning training for the unique demands of Comrades downhill.
  • Being able to talk through all aspects of your training and make necessary adjustments.
  • Having constant motivation through the long training period.
  • Being able to pick the brains of an experienced Comrades runner.

I got myself a coach and my next Comrades was a success. 14 years later I’ve helped pioneer a running club and have been coaching for over 10 years. Through modern technology I can now share my passion for Comrades with people everywhere.

See how I have helped others in the testimonials below.


Train With Confidence For Comrades 2018 Success


App delivered programs built around your goals and unique life circumstances

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Analysis of training performance and feedback to make sure you are on track

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Comrades Downhill specific strength and conditioning to prepare you for the punishing race

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Support and encouragement to keep you motivated in your journey to Comrades

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